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I sit back and often reflect and observe the things that are occurring around me. One thing that I have noticed is that it appears we, as a generation, are losing touch with both emotion and human contact as a whole. I won’t even say human contact, but affection and the feeling of compassion for the next individual.

It appears as if love or loving someone is now “lame” and caring about what goes on in the world is now just a “fad”. Why? What happened what caused the disconnect.

Me personally I’m in love with the thought of love. I love love!!! I just don’t see how, as a human being, you cannot want love. You come out of your mothers womb looking for affection and love, so why would you not continue to look for that as a growing adult? I really dislike to hear others say “I will never love again”, “I will never trust again”, “no one is loyal”. Grow up already! Being hurt is part of life and everyone will not treat you the way you feel you deserve, and everyone isn’t capable of loving you the way you want to be loved and that is OK!

Everyone is so afraid of being hurt that they must be so cold and heartless to every individual. It’s okay to open your heart, it’s perfectly fine to feel, it’s okay to want and need love. Sheesh!


When I originally started this blog, I created it in order to share my travel experiences and thoughts. As we all can clearly see, I did not stay on top of that! Also with the recent addition to my life I haven’t had as much time to travel  or update as much as I would like to.  I do however, think often of  many things and wonder do people perceive them the same way that I do.


So now it’s time to take a ride through my thoughts…..image

I noticed that the lifestyle is different. Its different in the way that the people treat each other. OF course we know that it is part of their culture for the family to live together. I really like the fact they do this. You can go to the park and sit around you see people taking the older people out. They push them through the park in their wheel chairs. The young people even come with the older people and walk with them, and aiding them during the walk. In the states you don’t see that too often. In the US, families are so quick to ship the older members to an “old folks home” just to get rid of them, and lets be honest…”out of sight out of mind”. There are always frequent visits are frequent in the beginning but soon they diminish because we become to “busy”. The men still have a bit of chivalry about them. When riding the bus to school, men actually get up for women, doors are held, women are to go first through doors and crowded hallways. Idk its just different. You also don’t see to many chubby kids around. Their parents actually take them to the park and allow them to run around and just be kids. American kids are so focused on video games and trying to be “cool”, they no longer think of a playground as a place to play and have fun. Their play grounds consist of a couch, TV, video games, and Phones…what”s happening….sheesh!

At the university they go through every effort to make the international students feel welcome…at the beginning! When we first arrived the representatives were very excited for us to be here. They had students perform traditional dances for us and even provided us with a light lunch. After the Orientation we mingled with the other internationals for a bit. They even did an interview with me!!! They told me I fit the description for the students they needed. I guess its just my bubbling personality (lol).

The picture they took of me for the interview.

They told us that we could come to them with any problem, that is true to a certain extent. They will help you but they are very lazy!!!  The staff that works in the international office do not want to have to work outside of their means. In order to get things done you have to go above their heads and talk to their boss, or cry!!! It should not be like that at all!!!! I know i complained about how UNCG used to do things, but you know I must admit, they are on top of things compared to USIL.

The classes are okay for the most part, it feels kinda like a high school. The students here are much younger than us. A large number of them are either 17, 18, or 19. The teachers are constantly having to tell the girls to stop talking and to be quiet in class (smh) by college you should know how to act in a classroom!!!! UGH!!!! and we have group work in EVERY CLASS! I despise group work, but I guess it will help make my spanish better…sigh..

Coming to America

As I walk down the street I notice how much of an influence the American culture has on others around the world. Sometimes you will hear American Music playing in restaurants, stores, in the cars, or even coming from the venders. Our Culture Even influences their activities and how they dress at times. They even have some of the same fast food restaurants that we have. When I first saw them all I could think to myself was…”really…for real..but no really… -_-  0.O….”.

Imagine my surprise!

This sandwich has chicken and hotdogs on it!!!

They have Pinkberry

Everybody Runs on DUNKIN'

Yes even McDonald's...

There is also a Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Dominos, and Burger King. So even in Peru “you can have it your way” (lol).


"Kamakase": This drink tasted like green apples and lime to me.



"Margarita": It was super good, a bit strong though.


This came from a restaurant called "Saqra". The dish showing is "Peruvian Lomo Saltado": made of strips of beef cooked in peppers, onions, and french fries. It is also served with rice on the side, how ever I like to mix it all together


"From the Buffet" All of the roommates got together and decided to go out to eat, and to try some Peruvian food. We all went to a restaurant named "Rustica". This Restaurant was a buffet and the food was muy delicioso!!! There was a variety of things to choose from. In this picture I had a pasta that also contained a dressing and cheese, Potatoes in a sauce, Sweet Potatoes, and some Corn dish. Surprisingly I liked everything!

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